What Do Family Lawyers Do? 

The law impacts our lives in many ways on a daily basis. Whether personal or financial, our lives are subjected to laws. At some point, most of us will have to hire an attorney.

It pays to know what kind of attorney you’re looking for when the time comes.

Here’s what family lawyers in Abilene, TX do so you know if hiring one is right for your situation.


Divorce is one of the most common reasons why people seek help from a family lawyer. A divorce lawyer in Abilene, Texas can support both parties in an uncontested divorce, or each party can hire their own attorney. They can help you divide assets, divvy up property, obtain alimony, and more.

Child Custody and Support

A divorce lawyer in Abilene, Texas can help you with child custody and support cases as part of the divorce proceedings. However, as a family lawyer, they can also help with these matters long after the divorce is complete, or in the case where the parents were never legally wed.

It is their job to help a judge create the most responsible custody situation, and/or that a fair child support payment agreement can be reached.

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Family lawyers in Abilene, TX can help you come up with a pre-nuptial agreement ahead of a wedding to ensure you enter into your marriage on fair footing. They can also help you secure a post-nuptial agreement after your wedding day. Should you get divorced, having a plan in place will help the divorce proceedings go more smoothly.


Family lawyers in Abilene, TX can also help with adoptions. They can guide you through the process, filling out the correct paperwork to make everything go as smoothly, and quickly, as possible.