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Holidays are an Increased Time for Accidents

Holiday Head’s-up

While the holiday season is about to come to an end, there is still a little time left. It’s during this wind-down, where a lot of people are coming home from their Christmas vacation. That means that traffic will be heavier than usual along the Interstate highways. Three of the top five most dangerous highways run through Texas so be careful out there when traveling. There are several explanations as to why these highways may have a higher fatality count than others and it has to do with the total length of the road and the density of traffic. Of course, with more vehicles on the road, the chance of dangerous car accidents increases. So, you will always see a spike in the number of crashes in cities along these roads with denser populations.

  • I-10 runs all the way from Florida to California and is the most dangerous, and in certain places, has the record for densest traffic.
  • I-35 stretches from the southern border of Texas up into Duluth, Minnesota, and has the dubious honor of being number 4 on the list.
  • I-20 comes in 5th place and starts in Kent, Texas, and runs all the way to South Carolina where it meets I-95.

Increased Car Accidents During the Holidays

Practically any holiday will see an increase in auto accidents because simply put, more people are always traveling. Another problem that we come across during the holidays is the increase in drunk driving activity. Yes, it is a time to celebrate, but some people take it too far without proper planning. During Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, the number of drunk driving accidents can double. At best, this means that some people will have to deal with relatively minor inconveniences like car repairs, but others may lose family members or friends.

Plan Before You Party

Some accidents are unavoidable, but when it comes to drunken driving, just a small amount of forethought could avoid the problem altogether. With all the helpful modern technology, it really is a shame and a tragedy that people will drive when they are drunk. Uber and other ride-sharing companies make it too easy to avoid driving while intoxicated. The problem may be that people may not plan ahead. Be careful and make sure you have a designated driver if you are going to travel from your home to a party this New Year’s Eve.

Car Accident Attorney in Abilene, TX

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