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Breckenridge, TX

Stephens County, Breckenridge, TX Personal Injury Attorneys

Our award-winning attorney has been the voice of injured people in Breckenridge and the rest of Stephens County. Our firm mainly handles personal injury cases, although we do handle other legal matters like wills, trusts, divorces, real estate matters, DWI cases, criminal cases, and child custody issues. We focus and have a history of collecting awards for personal injury cases including million-dollar settlements and multi-million dollar settlements for our clients.

Galbreath Law Firm focuses on Personal injury or wrongful death as a result of the negligent or careless actions of another person. Examples of our work include job site accidents or injuries including oil field injuries and construction injuries, injured adolescents or children, injuries that have occurred during childbirth, loss of limbs (amputations), medical malpractice, and defective or otherwise dangerous products. We also work with people with injuries as a result of automobile accidents including, commercial vehicle wrecks, 18-wheeler truck accidents, train wrecks, and motorcycle wrecks. Galbreath Law Firm also helps people who have suffered injuries in a nursing home, slip and fall injuries, burn injuries, insurance disputes, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, serious/ catastrophic injury, premises liability, and the list could go on. If you have been harmed through no fault of your own, we want to help you. 

Are you a resident of the Breckenridge, Texas area? We can help you.

When a person is hurt or otherwise injured, and it was the fault of another person, they are typically entitled to seek compensation for their losses. These losses due to the injuries can include lost wages and medical expenses. Often when a person is looking for compensation, they have to enter into litigation or otherwise deal with an insurance company. This process can be a lengthy ordeal full of confusion and exhaustion; The average person is not equipped with the legal knowledge and experience to handle a lawsuit against a massive insurance company. This reason is why it would be in your best interest to allow Galbreath Law Firm to fight on your behalf with a seasoned attorney in charge of your case. 

Allow our experienced team of lawyers at Galbreath Law Firm do the work to get you the maximum benefit possible while you focus on recovery or tending your injured family member.  We have experience helping injured Texans get the compensation they deserve in the Breckenridge area for years, and likely we can help you too!

Will I Have To Go To Court?

Not all cases will have to go to court. We try our best to resolve our client's claims as quickly as we possibly can without the need to file a lawsuit. We do this because we understand that you may need the money as soon as possible to help with all the problems that your injuries have caused for you or your family. Sadly, sometimes the party that is responsible for the issues will fight to keep from paying the full amount of compensation or even any compensation, for that matter. In these situations, a suit must be filed to protect your rights. 

Contact Us Today For A Free Evaluation Of Your Case In Breckenridge, Texas

Choosing the right lawyer to represent you is a pivotal choice. If you are looking to succeed in maximizing your chance to get the compensation you deserve, you need to have an experienced and professional lawyer fighting for you. Galbreath Law Firm has the experience you are looking for in an attorney, and we will fight diligently for your full financial recovery. Our firm works all personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency basis, so we only earn our wages if we win cases for our clients. Also, we advance case expenses so that there is no out of pocket costs for our clients to get started. 

If you or a loved one has been hurt in Stephens County or you are a Breckenridge resident who has been injured somewhere else, contact The Galbreath Law Firm TODAY at 325-437-7000