18-wheeler accidents

Odessa 18-Wheeler Accident Ends in Arrest

Driver Charged in 18-Wheeler Accident

An 18-wheeler accident occurred on March 19th in Odessa, TX which resulted in the death of one driver and the hospitalization of another. According to the investigation done by the Odessa Police Department, the driver of the 18-wheeler failed to control his speed at the time of the accident. Also, the truck driver had been continuously driving for over 16 hours. The driver, a 42-year-old male, was arrested in California by the United States Marshals Service and has been charged with manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon. 

18-Wheeler Operation

To operate an 18-wheeler, you have to obtain a special license (CDL) and even then the CDLs are broken into three different classifications; A, B, and C. Even then, you have to apply for endorsements that allow you to carry certain things like passengers or hazardous materials. There is a lot of regulation regarding the operation of an 18-wheeler and t is understandable because of their size and capacity for damage. That is why they offer courses for drivers to learn how to drive one of these giant vehicles safely. Sadly, though, not every driver obeys the regulations that are in place for safety reasons. The driver in the article above, for instance, exceeded the regulation for how long you should drive continuously. Disobeying the regulatory guidelines puts the trucker at risk, but even more so, it endangers the drivers of passenger vehicles. The ratio of injuries and fatalities involved in 18-wheeler/passenger vehicle accidents is terribly skewed toward people driving regular cars and trucks. 

Odessa 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

The catastrophic nature of these accidents can devastate a family and leave them wondering what to do next. Since the trucking industry is so heavily regulated, it is in your best interest to seek the help of a lawyer who has experience handling cases involving commercial trucks. The Galbreath Law Firm understands what needs to be done and has the knowledge and experience you can depend on to get a favorable outcome for your case. Make no mistake that the trucking companies out there will do whatever it takes to keep from having to pay out any more money than they have to. The lawyers working for their insurance companies will fight to keep payouts low, which could affect you later down the road. Let us help you and your family to make sure that you are treated properly and fairly. We will fight hard on your behalf. Contact us if you need the services of an 18-wheeler lawyer in Odessa, TX. We offer a free initial consultation so that you can tell us about your situation without any financial risk.